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Are you ready to become unshakeably soul-shuddering confidant?

Are you ready to create both a balanced, yet fiercely vibrant life for yourself?

Are you ready to unleash your boldest, fiercest, badass version of you?

I got you, boo. 

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"Does mindset coaching really work?"  
"How can sound healing make me a badass?"
"What does this chick know about me finding my voice?"
"Is this worth my time?"

The answers are: Yes, It Does, So Much and F*ck YES!


You may be feeling exhausted & wondering:

How would you feel if within 2 months you could:

- Uncover, release & shed old beliefs/patterns & blocks that are holding you back from living your most radiant life

- Create space for healing; cultivating balance & peace from within

- Grounded in your self-worth, elevating your life & activating your superpowers

- Exude unshakable confidence, reclaim your voice &
feeling like "That B*tch" [*finger snap]

- You find yourself telling your friends/family "I feel like ME again!"


Week 1: Attune You Mind. Align your Life *
Understand the biology of belief
Gain access to your subconscious thought patterns
Uncover your limiting beliefs
Energetically align w/your new
+ Sound Healing Session: Releasing Limiting Beliefs + Powerful Intentions

Week 2: Unleashed | Cultivating Unshakeable Confidence
Unearthing your unshakeable truth
Practice standing grounded in your self-worth
Activating your Main Character Energy thru powerful intention setting
Create habits & rituals to harness your inner bad b*tch


Week 3: Bad B*tches Have Boundaries *
Evaluate your current boundaries
Get honest AF with yourself & stop settling for less
Release your old people pleasing habits
Cleanse & create your new energetic hygiene routine

+ Sound Healing Session: Reclaiming Your Voice +  tuning into your Solar Plexus

Week 4: Abundant AF *
Release the fearful grip on scarcity
Rewrite your new narrative as a magnet of
Attune the mind-body-spirit energetic frequency to limi
Create rituals to continue to enlighten & elevate from a high vibration
+ Sound Healing Session- Alchemising Scarcity into Abundance

Week 5: The Rihanna Effect | Black Lace Bra Vibes
Tapping into your feminine energy
Shedding energetic | emotional blocks that no longer align
Activating your feminine essence (sacral chakra), unleashing the lioness

Creating beliefs to step into the boldest fiercest version of yourself

Week 6: Certified Balanced Bad B*tch
Develop daily rituals that create space for the new 
Raising the bar + setting powerful intentions as Fearlessly You
Create your personal Bad B*tch Manifesto

Week 7 : VIP (pay in full) Celebration Fiercely Femme Sound Bath
Awakening the Divinely Fierce Lioness

See below for Call Dates & Times


+ 6 Coaching calls with Amber where she teaches the above content, hot seat coaching, Q/A + Amber's expertise in holistic healing approach.

+ 3 Custom Sound Healing Sessions with Amber  (VIP paid in full receive 4 total sound sessions) 

+ A private members only FB group to meet & align other like-minded amazing women to share &     support each other on this beautiful journey together. A fierce bold tribe of divine feminine powerhouses        

+ Digital workbook, journal prompts, access to resources & tools to further guide & support

Calls & sound healing sessions will be recorded & you have lifetime access to them. All calls are in PT.



Week 1:Monday 2/6 4pm PT | 7pm ET
*Sound Healing Session: Friday 2/10  4pm PT | 7pm ET
Week 2: Monday 2/13 4pm PT | 7pm ET
Week 3: Wednesday 2/22 4pm PT | 7 pm ET
*Sound Healing Session: Sunday 2/26 4pm PT | 7pm ET
Week 4: Monday 2/27 4pm PT | 7pm ET
*Sound Healing Session: Sunday 3/5 4pm PT | 7pm ET
Week 5: Monday 3/6 4pm PT | 7 pm ET

Week 6: Monday 3/13 4pm PT | 7pm ET
Week 7: (Bonus for VIP paid in full)
*Sound Healing Session: Sunday 3/19 4pm PT | 7pm ET

Unable to make a live call or sound session
All sessions will be recorded & you will have lifetime access to the replay.
Please note the VIP sound session will not be recorded.

Are you ready to unleash your boldest, fiercest, badass version of yourself?

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