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Amber Cribbs Female Empowerment & Mindset Coach

"Some girls are shoe whores, others are jewelry whores;

me, I'm a holistic whore".


Mindset Coach | Sound Healer | Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Certified Holistic Life Coach |

Certified Holistic Mind-Body Practitioner |

Certified Sound/Energy Healer |

Certified Aromatherapist | Fascial Rehydration |

Bachelors of Science Communications

Intuitive | Holistic Hype Betch

Brand Strategist

Owner of The Four O'clock Sun

My Mission

I am a Holistic Healer & Life Coach, Mind-Body Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist and Sound/Energy Healer - who is here to help inspire women transform their health (both physical, mental and spiritual) & make time to focus on themselves, awaken their soul & empower them to live their most magical & abundant life!

My focus is both physical, mental & soulful wellness, female empowerment & self-healing. All this shit is connected, ladies!


I work with women who are ready to create a change & wanting more out of life. Whether it be relationship, career, health, setting healthy boundaries or healing their past - I help them uncover past traumas, energy/emotional blocks & their limiting beliefs about themselves. Together, I provide support to help them heal their past & rewrite their present and future; by transforming their mindset & narrative to align with their life goals. I provide guidance on how to become the badass energetic match to the life they deserve to live.


I am driven to do this work as I have experienced its healing firsthand. I know the power and strength of divine feminine energy and it is my goal to help women awaken their higher selves, trust their intuition, take up space, use their voice, inspire their creativity to truly embrace and love their most authentic selves.


I am here to be your “hype betch” and empower you to follow your passion(s), heal the past, to then step into the present and live your most iconic and badass life!  

My Story

Ever since I was little, I was always obsessed with all thing’s health and wellness. I grew up in a medical family, however, I often struggled with the western ways of medicine. Don't get me wrong, I think there is room at the table for both western and eastern medicine. Hell, I initially went to school for PT, but always found myself struggling with the western way of life. I truly felt (and still do) we needed to be treating the whole body as individuals vs focusing on one symptom and providing blanket diagnosis’s.


After years of dealing with my own health issues that ranged from chronic to downright stumping the medical community; I took a hard left turn down the path of holistic healing and wellness. I left my corporate  marketing gig of 15 years, to go back to school and truly focus on Holistic Healing.  In addition to my continued education, I myself have tried & experienced almost every type of modality under the sun. Thru that, I am able to share with you my own personal experiences and recommendations. Along my journey, I also realized that it was my mission (and gift) to help others heal and live their best most healthiest life - PAIN FREE!


I believe everyone deserves to invest in themselves and their health because they are so worth it.  I am driven to do this work as I have experienced its healing firsthand and believe it is my calling to share these gifts to help other women awaken their souls and feel amazingly powerful both inside and out!

Coursework | Resume

Holistic Life Coach + Mind-Body Practitioner - Mind-Body-Food Institute - Australia (2022, 480 credit hrs.)

Sound Energy Healer - The Sounder Healers Academy, Los Angeles, CA (2022, 60+ credit hrs.)

Certified Aromatherapist - Aromahead Institute (2020, 235 credit hrs.)


Anatomy & Physiology - Aromahead Institute (2020, 76 credit hrs.)


Scents of Ancient Egypt Workshop, Dora Goldsmith, PhD (2021, 21 credit hrs.)

Iconic Coaching Workshop, Cara Alwill - The Champaign Diet, New York, NY (2021)


Fascial Rehydration Certification - MELT, Portland OR (2019)


Art of Perfumery Workshop - Molinard, Grasse France (2015)

Full Resume

Courswork | Resume
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