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Join Sound Healer, Mindset Coach, Holistic Practitioner (& Certified Aromatherapist) Amber Cribbs for a beautifully relaxing VIRTUAL Sound Healing Experience!


Sunday, July 9th 4:00pm - 5:15pm PST

Summer of self-care is HERE! During the summer months we often pack so much in,

we forget to create space for stillness, rest & rejuvenation.


A crystal alchemy sound bath is a beautiful opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and restore balance to the body. Sound Healing is based on ancient healing techniques, that utilizes vibrations & frequencies of sound that can reach on a cellular level to realign your mind, re-attune your body, and energize spirit.


These frequencies activate specific brains waves (theta & delta) that promote deep rest & a state of tranquility. Combined with guided meditation support, it can result in a beautiful magical empowering (& healing) experience.

Sound healing aides in clearing stagnate energy, cleansing the mind and revitalizing the soul. The soundscape facilitates balance in the body, re-attunement at a vibrational level and awakens transformative healing. All the while feeling relaxed, centered & reenergized!

Reignite your soul to dance!

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