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  • Amber Cribbs

6 Must haves for your summer of self-care

It’s safe to say most of us have entered our healing girl era (and we're sooo here for it!). If not, it’s time to trade up "hot girl" summer for "healing girl summer". Also, let’s be real, healing girls ARE hot!

Self-care can mean a variety of things to each of us. Some of us view self-care as retail therapy, which again, nothing cures a hangover headache like the smell of melting credit cards on a new pair of heels - amight?! But, that's more of a short-term fix. To truly embrace your Summer of Self-Care, it’s time for a mind-body-soul upgrade.

Soul Protection - In addition to slathering on sunscreen this summer to protect your largest organ (your skin), during Summer of Self-Care, it's just as important to protect your energetic frequency (aka your vibe). While FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can play a factor here, you do not have to attend every event this summer. Especially, if there are dynamics in play that are toxic or make you feel anything less than your best self. Setting boundaries and saying "no" is a super power, and it's time to exercise your's this summer. Also, you are not required to provide a 5 page reason as to why you are not attending said event. Remember, "NO" is a complete sentence.

Hydrate - I cannot stress enough to HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! Especially in the summer months when our skin is dry AF. The air conditioning is on full blast and we are likely downing more margaritas than usual - your body needs hydration. Our bodies are made up of 75% water and even as little as a 2% drop in hydration can directly impact our brain function. Hydration affects our brain by clearing toxins and waste, improves our cognitive recall and overall performance. Dealing with brain fog? Drink some water, babe! In addition to consuming water, spending time in and around water this summer is cleansing to your mind-body-soul. This can be achieved by walking along a beach, going surfing or even taking a soothing bath (add epson salts and some essential oils - chef’s kiss, babe). Regardless if you drink it or submerge yourself in it - water is your friend this Summer of Self-Care!

Tuning In - How we start our day, directly impacts our energetic vibration for the day. Many people state affirmations in the morning, but for some that can feel overwhelming. To set the tone for your day, before you even get out of bed, set an intention for the day. Intent is powerful! This is not a goal of something you want to accomplish. An intention is how you want to feel throughout the day. For example, if you tend to spend your days feeling “rushed” or anxious, a great intention to set for the day is: I move through my day feeling peaceful and light. Another intention option could be: I take on the day feeling powerful, sexy and grounded in my strength! Truly, your morning intention is whatever speaks TO YOU in that moment.

Holding this intention while moving through your morning routine, aligns you vibrationally to it. With each part of your morning ritual, hold your intention at the forefront. From doing your skincare regime, drinking your morning coffee, to your outfit selection - all the way down to your summer scent for the day! By doing this, you are aligning your mind-body-soul with the intentions' exact vibration. As your body vibrationally aligns to this frequency, you are in turn emoting it out into the world around you. Much like a radio frequency!

Movement - While dropping it low at the club on the weekend technically counts as movement...this is not only what I am referring to during Summer of Self-Care. Movement in nature and fresh air does wonders for the mind-body and soul! Studies show that spending time in nature can increase cognitive function, release creative blocks, reduce stress and depression, re-energize the soul and do wonders for your physical body. This can be as simple as going for a walk, trying out yoga on the beach, paddle boarding or checking out a new hiking trail. You can still give all you got at the club during Summer of Self-Care, just also make time for daily movement in nature!

Cleanse - We are what we consume, and this goes outside our daily intake of chips & salsa. Consumption is what we are reading, watching and whom we spend our time with. Much like setting healthy boundaries, this summer take time to disconnect to reconnect! Stop scrolling social media so much and be present to the world around you. Reconnection is also reconnecting within yourself. Go for a solo walk and engage with the world around you. Consumption (and/or reduction of consumption) can also be cleansing your closet of old clothes, reworking your weekend plans to schedule time for stillness; thus creating space both physically and energetically in your world. When we stop and create space in our life, we make room for magic and miracles to enter in. Having a jammed packed summer schedule or constantly busying yourself scrolling social media, leaves no room for magic. Make room, babe, and your world will be rocked in all the right ways!

RRR (Rest/Replenish/Restore) - Schedule time for stillness. With all the late summer nights, long weekends and last-minute trips our mind-body-soul need's a hot minute to restore itself. This does not mean plopping yourself down in front of the TV and binging the latest Netflix series. Make stillness a daily ritual during your summer of self-care. It can be as little as 10 minutes of meditation or simply, just sitting amongst the quiet. If you find it difficult in the beginning to turn your brain off from your to-do list, set a timer for 5 minutes and sit with your eyes closed. Taking in a deep breath for a count of 3, holding it for 3 and releasing it for 3. Keep your focus solely on your breath. This helps your brain refocus its efforts and also kick on your parasympathetic nervous system (rest/repair).

Moon Magic - Similar to how we start the day, during your Summer of Self-Care, it's just as important to end our day with our heart sparkles. Thinking positive thoughts before we go to bed helps ensure a more restful night sleep and waking feeling both peaceful & happy. (First things first, put your phone down. Stop scrolling.) After doing your evening skincare routine, before crashing into your pillow, think of 5 things that made you smile that day - aka heart sparkles. Feel free to journal them or simply just think about them. This act again resets our brain and vibrationally aligns us in love and peace. By doing this you ensure you will wake the following day in a state of joy.

Between all the summer weddings, rooftop pool parties, fun nights out at the bar and a steamy summer romance, it can feel challenging to find time for yourself, let alone self-care rituals. Despite the chaos of the summer season, it’s vital to make time for yourself to maintain body balance, peace and mental clarity throughout your wellness journey.

So, grab your crystals, eye-mask and sunscreen, babe, because Summer of Self-Care starts NOW!

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