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  • Amber Cribbs

My Sound Healing Story

Much like aromatherapy, I was into sound healing, well before I even knew what it was.

Growing up and even in my present adulthood, music has always spoken to me on a very deep level. I have been a dancer my whole life, and thats truly where my soul feels most alive. It's where I feel safest and my most authentic self.

I have always told people, “if you want to know my soul, watch me dance”. As a dancer we know how music impacts our bodies to move, how it lives in our soul, how to bring it life and tell a story thru it.

Music has always been my escape, safe zone and most creative outlet. Probably why I worked in the music industry for as long as I did - but that’s a story for another time.

Due to that, I would say my calling to Sound Healing was always there - I just hadn’t "heard" it yet.

Fast forward to present day, deciding to leave the corporate grind of marketing and the music industry and go into holistic wellness full time - this is where I stumbled across Sound Healing.

I was in the middle of my holistic coaching education and aromatherapy schooling when I came across Susy's (The Copper Vessel) by way of a jeweler's IG, that I had shopped with a handful of times. (Talk about divine timing ;)).

Since I deal with anxiety, I decided to look into her sound baths. Being a science geek and knee-deep in Anatomy (in school) at the time - I found crystal alchemy sound healing even more compelling and felt the physical profound impact from just one session.

The rest is magical history. I started diving further into her page and learned about The Sound Healers Academy in LA. I submitted my essay and application and a few months later I was accepted on 11/11!! Which felt like a huge sign from the universe since 11:11 is the Angel number for: Intuition, trusting your gut & listening to your heart! I did exactly that!

It’s been the most profound beautiful experience - that I could go on and on about. The short of it, I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this gift with you!

If you are interested to learning more about the details of Sound Healing, Click the link below!

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