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Are you drinking enough water?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Everyone always says, “drink more water”. I am the first to admit to telling my friends this exact statement. I, however, do not always listen to my own advice. I actually assumed since I only drink one cup of coffee a day and the rest is water (I don’t drink sodas, teas or anything else); that I was clearly pretty hydrated. I could not have been more wrong. During the new normal of quarantining I had been experiencing all sorts of issues, as many of us are. Emotional stress that lead to physical stress. Anxiety, tension headaches, body aches, vertigo and even brain fog. Left to my own devices and google, I was fairly certain that I had the coronavirus, a brain tumor and most definitely some form of inner ear cancer. Having too much time on one’s hands and a handful of arbitrary symptoms can lead to some dark internet rabbit holes.

During one of my late-night panic attacks from a WebMD search gone-a-muck, my husband, bless his soul, had told me he was going to purchase this water bottle from Amazon. He explained that it helps you track your water in-take throughout the day and ensures you consume a gallon of water a day. At first, I thought this was silly and gave some sarcastic response (I know, so supportive). After his first few days of consuming a gallon of water a day, he shared with me how different he felt. To caveat, my husband isn’t one to share about health – polar opposite of me. So for him, to even be sharing this information, I knew it had to be a pretty sizable shift in how he was feeling on the daily. He told me he felt more alert and was drinking less coffee (he used to drink 3 cups a day, now its barely 1). Has more energy when working out and his brain fog was gone. Fun fact, about 75% of your brain is made up of water. Therefore, even the slightest dehydration can cause negative effects on your brain. He was also less bloated and even noticed a dramatic shift in his emotional state. Ok, I’m trying this shit.

I bought this bottle on Amazon, initially thinking, why does it matter that it tells you what time of day you should be drinking what when? Who cares, just finish the damn bottle by end of day. WRONG! I don’t know what it is about this timeline, but it truly helps you stay continuously hydrated ALL DAMN DAY. Truthfully, I knew this should always be the goal of hydrating. Years ago, when I was training/studying to become a MELT instructor, I learned that you must hydrate continuously throughout the day. You do this so your body and cellular tissue can properly adjust to absorbing the water intake. Chugging water at random hours of the day doesn’t do shit. In fact, your body will do the opposite and just flush all the fluids right out of you. Thus why I initially assumed I would have to pee constantly once I started down this new gallon water quest. NOPE. Initially I did need use the bathroom a bit more, but once my body realized this hydration was continuous, it started to USE the hydration vs just flushing it right out of me.

My brain fog that I was convinced was a brain tumor – gone. Working out became much easier. I definitely was sweating more. However, I did not struggle as much during cardio, nor was I as exhausted upon completion. My anxiety decreased substantially. As did my late-night WebMD searches; largely due to the fact I was thinking clearer and all my symptoms had disappeared! My skin improved. It appeared dewier and less itchy. I.SNACKED.LESS! Prior to all of this, I had been snacking like crazy throughout the day. Oddly enough, I know that your body sends signals when its dehydrated and we often mistake that feeling for hunger. But when you are dehydrated you aren't thinking straight to remember these helpful health tips (and lets be real, those girl scout cookies were begging me to eat them)! Ergo, next time you feel a hunger pain, try drinking a glass of water first.

I shit you not, all these changes happened within the first week. Both my husband and I have told so many friends and family members to try it and sent them links to the bottles we purchased. We now feel we have created our own gallon water gang. HA, well we like to think so.

In conclusion, drink more water. When you think you drank enough, drink more babes. The results will shock your ass.

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