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  • Amber Cribbs

Are you passionate?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

This feels rather on brand to be discussing “passion” so soon after valentine’s day; as it’s a word that is blanketed across many facets of our lives, particularly romantic relationships. I assure you this is not a post about that.

Passionate is a word that is used everywhere. More often than not, as of late, it is used in the form of a negative. In my own personal experience amongst the corporate world, it was used negatively to describe me upon exiting a meeting. A male superior told me I was “too passionate” in there. Often times this word is used in the business world toward women as a “polite” way of calling you emotional.

I can assure you, in this meeting, I was anything but emotional. I was not screaming, wasn’t raising my voice, crying or losing my shit.

In fact I was calmly and professionally pushing an idea I felt strongly about. I was passionate about it. I had data to support why we should move forward in this specific direction. A direction that was not the “easy choice”, it was not the most popular choice and it was going to be a lot of work. I was being direct, and I wasn’t backing down to gaslighting or misogamy. I was holding the opposers accountable to their decision. Apparently, this made me passionate and that was wrong.

Unfortunately for me, after that day, I became very insecure anytime I felt “passionate” about anything moving forward.

Looking back and reflecting on so much that has happened, I now realize that often the characteristic of being “passionate” is felt or illustrated to be our Achilles heel. When in fact it is the very thing that makes us human. Our passion pulls us thru dark times, and it is there to celebrate with us in our finest hours. Our passion comes deep from within our soul and to not feel it, would make us robots. Who the fuck wants to live like that?

Being passionate encourages change and growth. Either personally, professionally, nationally or globally. In 2020 particularly I think many of us saw and realized why it is vital that we embrace our passionate desires and ambitions. Opposition is also required to keep that passion flame lit. We are required to listen to the opposing side (no this is not becoming a political post, I swear) - because 1. We might learn something and 2. We might change our mind or 3. We might find the solution together. There’s just no telling until you try.

We can all relate to a time where someone told us we were wrong for who we were, how we believed or what we loved most. It can be deflating; it can make you second guess yourself or worst of all – it can make you stop trying. In those moments, when I find myself feeling less than passionate or questioning my purpose, I ask myself the below questions. I literally take out a piece of paper and write down my answers to bring myself back.

· What makes your soul come alive?

· Who would you be if you embraced your passion?

· How can you do this everyday?

· Why aren’t you already embracing your passion?

· Who currently supports you in your passion?

Embrace your passion, harvest and execute it in a healthy/proper way. Anyone who tells you that you are wrong for being passionate, feel bad for them. Somewhere along their journey they lost their passion and became a robot.

I am not wrong because I am passionate, I am powerful.

Be passionate. Be fearless. Be powerful.

You are magic.

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