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Time to cure that 2020 hangover

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

We made it. We survived 2020. Many of us crossed the finish line into 2021 by army crawling thru it, but nonetheless we fucking got here. None of us escaped without some sort drama, PTSD and a new hobby of tracking amazon packages.

We are into our first week of January or as its commonly referred to as the “new year new me” month. Which I am not knocking. I love the feeling of being able to start anew!

In years past, I too, have immediately jumped on that bandwagon. Plotting and planning all the new shit I am going to accomplish in the upcoming year. Making lists. Posting them in my planner, on my phone and my bathroom mirror – everywhere; to ensure I kept each of them top of mind.

Usually about 3 weeks in, I was either so overwhelmed by all my New Year’s resolutions (minimum was always at least 10 with subcategories) that I started to feel increasingly bad about myself for struggling at staying up with all of them. Or I’ve already given up entirely because I had too many planned in the month of January and I wore my ass out trying to increase my water consumption, wake up at 6am for intense cardio workouts, eat 3 amazing healthy homemade meals a day, make time to meditate, stay up on my correspondence…you get the picture – I was exhausted AF.

Upon doing some soul searching whilist laying on the floor in my closet, I realized the main reason I was so overwhelmed was because I needed to “remove” before I could add. Ever notice when you clean out your closet, a month later she’s busting at the seams again? It’s because you made room for all those amazing new heels to enter in. Ahhh shoes, remember wearing shoes?! Sorry, I digress…

2021 is no different. Before I can invite in all the awesome shit - I need to rid myself of all that toxic nasty crap.

Therefore, I am kicking off my January with a 2020 hangover detox. No, this is not me drinking celery juice every morning (although, real shit - I’m trying that!) and running 5 miles a day. Holistic health is all encompassing; therefore, I need to detox in all aspects of my life. TBH I would hang naked from a tree, by my right toe whilist chanting folklore if it meant I could erase 2020’s baggage. Instead, I’m opting for this full mind, body, space and spirit detox.

See my list below for tips and tricks on how to, detox, recharge and heal your spirit:


Disconnect to reconnect, people! For me, this means, drastically cutting down my social media usage, TV watching and email response time.

Social media

o Make a plan/schedule for when you go on social media to mitigate scrolling black holes

o Remove toxic accounts (social media is for fun, if their posts don’t make your heart shine – block em)

o Take a break. It’s truly energizing to disconnect for a few days. I currently am taking weekends off.


o Schedule time to watch your shows

o Avoid binge watching

- Studies have actually shown binge watching TV further impacts depression. I can attest firsthand that the days after I binge watch a show, I feel 10 times worse than before I started.

o Use TV for background noise? (I used to too) – Check out some new playlists on Spotify instead!


Anyone else like me and grab their phone first thing in the morning? Read a few emails and you are immediately stressed and panic replying? Yea, stop that shit. Rapid email response is not needed unless you are an anesthesiologist w/a patient in surgery.

o Set boundaries – this has been a tough one in 2020 with so many working from home.

- I currently have set the rule that I do not even open my email until after I have finished my morning routine and breakfast

- Once the day is complete, after 6pm – you will not receive a response from me until the next business day

Setting morning intentions (My Fav!)

o As part of my new morning ritual, I set intentions for the day. Nothing crazy, small ones. *Note: this is not your “to do” list

o An intention is how you want your day to go, how you want to feel throughout the day, etc.

- Setting an intention for some can be a very involved ritual. I have many friends who get up, make coffee, light a candle and write down their daily intentions. For me, that’s too much effort. Especially if I wake up feeling some sort of way. I do my morning intentions first thing when I wake up in the AM before I reach for my phone to even see what time it is.

Either method works - decide which one will work for you or make up your own ritual!



Not to lose weight. Diet is what the hell you are eating, people. Food is the fuel for your body – be good to it!

o Start small – example: increase water consumption or go for a walk twice a week.

o Don’t make too many changes at once, it makes it harder to stay on track

o Any and all changes take time to see the benefits, give yourself at least 21 days before you decide if the “change” is working for you.

Get outside

o Be with nature

o Go for a 10-minute walk (even if it’s around your neighborhood)

o Check out a sunset or a sunrise

o Make a plan to explore a new area once a month


Doesn’t have to be intense cardio everyday but move your damn limbs.

o Stretching

- Try stretching first thing in the morning and before bed at night; it does wonders for

your body and your mind

o Online zoom classes are EVERYWHERE

- They are not too expensive and you don’t even need to keep your camera on if you don’t feel comfortable

o Meet-up with a friend (socially distance and safe, of course) and do a workout in a park


Our space is a huge reflection of our mind. If shits everywhere, I personally cannot think straight.

o Detox those closets

- Keeping in mind last year we didn’t wear shit; perhaps keep a few dresses and jeans as hope that we will one-day wear them again!

o Organize your office; declutter that desk!!

o Wash and clean out your car - we are bound to be in them again someday

o Clean out your purse


This can take on many forms for each of us. Meditation is great for many. I personally still struggle with it. Thankfully, meditation comes in a variety of forms. Some folks meditate while running on the treadmill, others it’s in a dark room with incense going. For me, what lifts my spirit and heals my soul, is dance.

o Try out a new hobby

o Attend a sound bath (tons available on YouTube!)

o Read an inspirational book – I highly recommend: You Can Heal Your Life, By Louise Hay

o Reconnect with friends and family

The biggest thing to remember when detoxing, be good to yourself. You don’t have to do it all at once and you might even need a few breaks. But the more you sift out that ick – the more room you make for the greatness.

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1 Comment

Matthew Cribbs
Matthew Cribbs
Jan 06, 2021

Great post, the part in good intentions is definitely something I’ll try ASAP. Much needed after 2020!

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