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  • Amber Cribbs

Body Frequency - what is it and why it's vital to your health

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Good vibes only - you see and hear it everywhere. As of late, I think we can all attest that we are eternally on a mission to embody this motto.

To clarify, I am not referring to a crazy acid trip or getting wasted. I mean, in 2020, I believe we have all been forced (willing or not) to take a step back and evaluate wtf we are doing with our lives and do we even feel good about it? Outside of assessing that tickle in our God damn throats on a daily basis and checking our body temperature an embarrassing amount of times; we have also been forced to examine what we can truly control vs what we absolutely cannot control. One thing is for certain, (hopefully) we have all come to the conclusion that our bodies need to be in tip-top shape (both mentally and physically) and we are 100% in control on how to achieve it.

When I refer to “shape”, I am not talking body size/shape – we come in all shapes and sizes and that’s allowed! I am speaking to your core health. What proactive steps are you taking to keep your body stable and functioning at its optimal level? Our bodies are constantly sending us signals that many of us have been conditioned to ignore. Some of us have even been taught to believe: “it’s normal to feel like shit, I’m old”. It’s not! In fact, if you are feeling sluggish, exhausted or just beyond drained - It’s likely your body frequency has declined. Its normal for your body frequency to fluctuate but know that it directly correlates to your immune system. Fear not, you are not dying, however it is up to you to recognize and replenish your body’s fuel/energy. It’s much easier than you think. Let’s get into it.

Hopefully many of you are already aware that everything on planet earth operates under a frequency or vibration, including your lil’ body. These frequencies are transmitted at the cellular level; they both carry energy, emote energy and for damn sure absorb it. For you mathematicians out there - frequency is measured in hertz (HZ) and a healthy human body’s frequency ranges from 62-68 Hz.

Science has found that pollutants, disease, food, electronics (duh) all function under a specified frequency and these frequencies directly affect any organism that comes in contact with them.

History lesson: In the 1920’s, Dr. Royal R. Rife discovered that substances of higher frequency were able to destroy diseases of lower frequency. However, when the human body’s frequency drops below 62 Hz, the immune system becomes compromise. For example, processed/canned food has a frequency of zero and can lower healthy frequencies within the body towards degenerative disease. If the body frequency drops to 58 Hz, cold and flu symptoms appear, at 55 Hz diseases like candida can take hold. As body frequency continues to decline, at 52 Hz Epstein Bar and it’s been found that at 42 Hz cancer can enter the picture. Now did all hell break loose from you eating a turkey sammie at lunch the other day? Not at all. But since science has found that processed meat does not offer any health/frequency benefits, you aren’t providing your body with proper fuel to boosts its frequency. In turn this inhibits your body's ability to fight off any illnesses/bacteria you have come in contact with.

As a second example, your own thoughts can affect your body’s frequency. In fact, negative thoughts can reduce it by 12Hz. What we think about we bring about. It’s absolutely true! Ever notice when you are hanging out with your friend Toxic Tonya and you return home with a headache and feel utterly drained? The discussions that took place with ole Tonya literally zapped your energy and homegirl straight up killed your vibration. Your physical reaction is your body telling you it needs fuel; and perhaps limited interactions with Tonya.

How can we increase our bodies frequency?

1. Fresh produce and herbs can help increase our frequencies. Fresh food’s frequencies range from 20-27 Hz and dried food’s frequencies are between 15-22. I implore you to try incorporating fresh produce and fresh herbs into your diet. Not only do they taste better, its fairly simple to execute. If you all kinds of fancy and a green thumb, you get be extra and grow your own herb garden at home. Due to the fact I have killed several succulents in my day, I stick to my local grocery store for my herb supply.

2. Essential oils are one of my FAVORITE ways to help raise body frequency! Essential oil frequencies start at 52 Hz and go as high as 320 Hz and have been reported to be one of the highest frequency substances known. A few of my favorites are: Frankincense (147 Hz), Lavender (118 Hz), and Myrrh (105). Each morning I drop one drop of Frankincense on the top of my head to help raise my body frequency. You can also diffuse them in a diffuser.

3. Positive thoughts, such a good one. (See how I am being positive there?!) It’s been found that positive thoughts raise our vibration by 10 Hz. Truth be told, this one is the toughest for me. The news, the pandemic, the election, social media – negative shit is everywhere. I often feel like we have all been trained to enjoy the drama and thrive on it. Gross. To combat this shit, I have found books, daily affirmation apps, motivational quote apps, and surrounding myself with friends/family that make me feel good and offer positive energy. Don’t get me wrong, we can still have hard discussions, differing viewpoints, but interactions shouldn’t make you feel like exhausted zombie. If they are, you need to set some boundaries girlfriend.

4. Disconnect to reconnect. Disconnecting with electronics, limiting my social media blackhole-scrolling and how often I watch the news, has helped me the most. Sometimes I take this time to be in nature, other times I just redirect my energy to a simple task or a new project. It has helped me immensely. When I do go on social media, I make sure to have a purpose as to why I am on there and do not allow myself to get sucked into the scrolling rabbit hole of death.

In conclusion, the good and bad news is if your immune system is compromised – it’s your own damn fault. Just kidding, kinda. The true good news here, is that you are in control of your body’s health. You know your body the best and you only get one, so listen to it and be good to it! Continuously provide it with proper “fuel” so you can keep rocking out at your highest vibration!

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